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Fire Library


Fire is a library to model fuels in the context of wildland fire modeling from individual tree or large plants (Plant) and plant collections, such as understorey (LayerSet). This library was written in 2013-2014 by François Pimont (INRA Avignon) and François de Coligny (Capsis). It is the core of FuelManager and STANDFIRE.

Suggestions and TODO list

Library structure

The below figure introduces the structure of the Fire library and its implementation.

Model configuration

The settings of Fire are defined in the speciesFile, that contains the parameters and equations required to parametrize a new or existing species. Other input data are provided by the module that use the library (Fuel Manager or Standfire). In the FuelManager, the speciesFile is located in data/fireparadox/speciesFile. In STANDFIRE, the location of the speciesFile is specified in the scriptParam file.

Model functioning

Fuel items

Two different types of items can be added in a scene: Plants and LayerSets.


Specific interventions are implemented in the fire library or rely on its objects.

  • Layerset thinner is an “Understorey treatment” intervention type allowing post fire, prescribed burning and mechanical clearing.
  • Fuel Moisture Adjuster is an “Environmental data” intervention type, that can be used to adjust moisture of Fuel items.
  • Fire Effects with empirical models is a “Fire effects” intervention

  • Fire Effects with physically-based models is a “Fire effects” intervention (not fully operational)

These interventions can be applied to the whole scene or to a group of trees or plot cells.

Export to fire models

Exports to two famous fire models are currently available:



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