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LayerSet thinner

This is one of the “Understorey treatment” intervention type. Three modes are possible:

  • When post fire is selected, the LayerSet is fully consummed or cleared

  • When prescribed burning is selected, the LayerSet is partly consummed according to the fraction remaining that can be set by the user. In the screen capture below, 30 % of the fuel was not consummed by the burning.

  • When mechanical clearing is selected, the LayserSet is fully cleared (as for “post fire”). As for all the interveners that allow the retention of activity fuels (for model deriving from the Fire library such as FuelManager and StandFire), the user can decide to maintain cleared fuels on site. These fuels will be converted in a new Litter Layer of the LayerSet. Here, the height of this litter was 0.05 m, the cover fraction was 1 (100 %), the characteristic size or clump size was 0.5 m and the moisture content was 5 %.

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