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Tree pruning

This is one of the “Tree pruning” intervention type.

  • The pruning can be computed using the CrownGeometry of the Plants). The CrownGeometry is not modified, but the part of the crown below pruning height is harvested.
  • As for all the interveners that allow the retention of activity fuels (for model deriving from the Fire such as FuelManager and StandFire, the user can decide to remain harvested fuels on site.

  • These fuels will be added to a LayerSet at the same location as thinned trees, that contains a Layer of Litter. The user can parametrize this litter LayerSet. Here, the height was 0.05 m, the cover fraction was 1 (100 %), the characteristic size or clump size was 0.5 m and the moisture content was 5 %. See the Fire library documentation for more details.

Example of pruned trees: the trees on the right were pruned:

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