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The Capsis training online

fc-January 2021

This is an online version of the supervised exercises within the Capsis training, built to better fit the training by video conference.

Note: this training online material is part of the annual session of the Capsis training course, for registered modelers or students.

Installation, video links and organisation

Before d-day, please see the installation section below:

On d-day, video conference links (will be updated):

In the morning, everybody connects to the Foxtrot video conference for the courses. In the afternoon, we will start on Foxtrot, then some may switch to Papa.


  • I'm lost, I don't remember where to go… → go to the Foxtrot video link upper, will always stay open (hopefully)
  • I can not connect to this video link
    • try with another browser (Chrome, Firefox…)
    • try from your phone (if it is smart enough), you might join us this way and you could download the presentation pdfs on your computer to follow the courses
    • if there is really no way, please write in Golf, or mail us: and, we will check our mail periodically to help you.

The java exercises online (first afternoon)

The Capsis exercises online (second afternoon)

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