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Capsis is a simulation platform for forestry growth / dynamics models. It is a tool for forest scientists, forest managers and education. It has been developed in the AMAP laboratory since 1999.

See the Capsis presentation page, download the Capsis brochure (fr) or go to the projects page for a quick overview. Have a look at the documentation page or the Capsis impacts 10 minutes video (fr) for more details.

Community news

  • Manon Helluy (IRSTEA UR RECOVER, Aix-en-Provence) came 4 days to AMAP to work on the RReShar model: created some exports (an export of trees, an export of water variables), added characteristics (extinction coefficient and LAD) in species tables from inventories files, added a progress bar to show the evolution of a simulation, worked on the water process (used the water quantity of last day of previous year for initialization of calculations made the current year, water process is now forest-type dependent, soil water characteristics are now defined in soil layers instead of cells, called water process before trees growth process), cleaned source files (fixed bugs, added missing licenses, deleted useless display, deleted redundant calls to methods) and inventories files (deleted unused columns in cells tables, fixed wrong headers). * * Frédérique Santi (INRA BioforA, Orléans) and Christope Sotteau (AGRO-ECO Expert) came back one week to AMAP to go on working on EcoAF, a 3D editor has been designed to set up tree lines and vegetation strips on agricultiral parcels with the help and expertise of Fabien Liagre and Antoine Marin (Agroof Anduze). fc-15.10.2018 * The Heterofor model was connected to the capsis.lib.regeneration library (P. Balandier, Irstea, Nogent sur Vernisson & N. Donès, INRA, Clermont-Ferrand) by Mathieu Jonard, Brieuc Ryelandt (UCL Louvain, Belgium) and Nicolas Donès. fc-5.10.2018 * A refactoring of capsis.lib.phenofit by Isabelle Chuine (CNRS CEFE) was conducted this fall to better organise the phenology data in memory and automatise the activation and daily run of the plants development phases. This capsis.lib.phenofit.fit2018 variant was connected to CastaneaOnly (Hendrik Davi, INRA URFM) by F. de Coligny and Valentin Journé (INRA URFM). fc-1.10.2018 * Xavier Morin (CNRS CEFE) came to restore a broken feature about parameters intra specific variability in Forceeps. fc-19.9.2018 * Valentin Journé (INRA URFM Avignon) came 2 days to work on phenology in the Castanea library, flowering and fructicication functions from Phenofit were adapted, pollen functions was added. fc-7.9.2018 * A major review of the Capsis extension framework was conducted by Nicolas Beudez this summer to simplify and clarify the system. If related problems arise in extensions (intervention tools, graphs, file formats…), they will be addressed in priority. Extra work is still needed. fc-7.9.2018 * Claire Godineau (INRA URFM, Avignon), François Lefèvre (INRA URFM, Avignon) and Nicolas Beudez (INRA AMAP, Montpellier) participated in three presentation and demonstration sessions of the Luberon2 model for future users from several organizations:
    - June 20th in INRA, Avignon: ONF-management and Regional Nature Park of Luberon;
    - June 21st in INRA, Avignon: RMT AFORCE and IDF;
    - July 5th in ONF, Paris: ONF-research, IDF, INRA.
    nb-9.7.2018 * New features have been added in the table popup menus: it is now possible to change the table header with the texts in a chosen line, or to plot a given column of numeric values. These features are available on most tables, in particular in the floating table, see the screenshots section. fc-2.7.2018 * Hendrik Davi (INRA URFM Avignon) spent 2 days in AMAP to reorganize the phenology of the castaneaonly model and in particular review the evergreen trees section. fc-23.6.2018 * The presentations of the CAQSIS-2018 meeting (fr) in Clermont-Ferrand are now available online. fc-19.6.2018 * During June 11-15 week, we had Frédérique Santi and Tina Meziani (INRA BioforA, Orléans) who came to progress on the EcoAF project (Doubled trees plantation and management, tree growth models, mortality, parcels dressers in the inventory file, simulated data export), and also Claire Godineau (INRA URFM, Avignon) to work on Luberon2 (genotypes generation, growth, interventions, charts) in order to prepare the 3 meetings with the members of the IGS project, next June 20 and 21 in Avignon, and next July 5 in Paris. fc-18.6.2018 * Claire Godineau (INRA URFM, Avignon) came 3 more days to work on the Luberon2-Metatrom connection. Metatrom input and output files are now correctly written and read by Capsis-Luberon2, interpretation still under progress. fc - 31.5.2018 * Frédérique Santi, Tina Meziani (INRA BioforA, Orléans) and Christope Sotteau (AGRO-ECO Expert) came 4 days in AMAP to start the EcoAF agroforestry project. fc-25.5.2018 * Claire Godineau (INRA URFM, Avignon) came 2 days in AMAP to work on the connection of Luberon2 to a Fortran based genotype generator software based on the Metatrom software by Leopoldo Sanchez (INRA BioForA, Orléans), adapted with Sylvie Muratorio (INRA URFM, Avignon) for the IGS project (“Assessment of the genetic impacts of adaptation-oriented sylviculture practices”), and the reading of a new version of the inventory files. fc-22.5.2018 * The Caqsis-2018 meeting was held in Clermont-Ferrand last 27-29 March, hosted by the PIAF laboratory. 43 people attended the meeting and 27 presentations were given. This year, we had a special session by 3 people from Québec, including Hugues Power, invited speaker from the 'Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs'. fc-30.3.2018 * Hendrik Davi (INRA Avignon) came one day to AMAP to add an integrated thinning procedure and an optional variables part in the inventory file format in CastaneaOnly. fc-25.3.2018 * A new feature has been added by Nicolas Beudez in Capsis to freeze libraries to make some models rely on stable versions while the libraries keep on being developed. Heterofor and Dynaclim have been redirected to the frozen castanea2018march library. fc-25.3.2018 * Emmanuel Duchateau (UQAR Rimouski, Québec) visited AMAP for a week to work in PlantaBSL on a method for non merchantable trees addition at simulation start time, and another method to spatialize the trees of an inventory with several species but without their locations. fc-19.3.2018 * Benoit Courbaud (IRSTEA Grenoble) came back for 3 more days in AMAP to tune an optimisation algorithm with Gilles Le Moguedec for his weight thinner when distances between trees are considered. The new intervener is now available. fc-9.3.2018 * The CAQSIS 2018 meeting will be hosted by the INRA PIAF laboratory in Clermont-Ferrand next 27-29 March, 43 people registered and 27 presentations are expected. fc-5.3.2018 * A Capsis training course took place in Montpellier on 13-14 February 2018, 7 persons attended it. fc-15.2.2018 * Benoit Courbaud (IRSTEA Grenoble) spent three days in AMAP to build a new intervention tool for Samsara2, based on focal trees and weights related to trees relative position and main sizes. See the related screenshot. fc-29.1.2018 * Xavier Morin and Brieuc Cornet (CNRS CEFE) came for a short visit in AMAP to make the Forceeps model compatible with some standard intervention tools, including the Thinning diagram. fc-14.12.2017 * Claire Godineau (INRA URFM) came 1 day in AMAP to reorganize the calls to growth and regeneration processes of the Luberon2 model. nb-13.12.2017 * The INRA-EFPA division produced a short video (10 minutes, french) about the impacts of the Capsis simulation platform in the fields of forest research and management. fc-27.11.2017 * Mathieu Jonard (UCL ELI-e, Louvain, Belgium) came to AMAP for a week to work on Heterofor: maintenance respiration, fake growth, bark and soil radiation, fine root to foliage ratio, mass balance calculation, ground vegetation transpiration, mechanistic method for pue in tree forward grower, hourly soil temperature export. nb-15.9.2017 * Benoit Courbaud (IRSTEA Grenoble) spent 3 days in AMAP to work on Samsara2, especially on a script mixing climate and management strategies, and on understorey vegetation specific richness by ecological groups outputs. fc-10.8.2017 * Frédéric André (UCL ELI-e, Louvain, Belgium) came to AMAP for a week to work on Heterofor: maintenance respiration, fine resolution radiative balance and SamsaraLight parallelisation in Legacy and Tag mode. fc-4.8.2017 * Claire Godineau (INRA URFM) came 3 days in AMAP to create the Luberon2 model in the context of the RMT-IGS project: “Assessment of the genetic impacts of adaptation-oriented sylviculture practices”. nb-27.07.2017 * Sylvie Muratorio (INRA URFM) came 2 days to add a GeneticMemory system in the Genetics library to enhance the compatibility of the library with the specific memory mode in the PhysioDemoGenetics module and more generally with the optional memorizers in Capsis. fc-24.5.2017 * Frédéric André (UCL ELI-e, Louvain, Belgium) spent a week in AMAP to add Phenology functions in Heterofor and the new fine resolution mode in the SamsaraLight radiative balance library. It is now possible to tag additional beams to get finer results around specific dates of interest, e.g. bud burst date, leaves senescence dates… fc-24.5.2017 * Isabelle Chuine (CNRS-CEFE) came two days in AMAP to work on details regarding the connection Phenofit5 - Phelib library. fc-24.5.2017 * Benoit Courbaud (IRSTEA Grenoble) spent 3 days in Montpellier to work together on Samsara2 (regeneration, charts, inventory files…). fc-24.5.2017 * Frédéric André and Louis de Wergifosse (UCL ELI-e, Louvain, Belgium) came to AMAP for a week to work on Heterofor, particularly heat in the soil and a more detailed mode in the SamsaraLight radiative balance library. fc-3.5.2017 * The report of the CAQSIS-2017 meeting in Bordeaux is now available. fc-24.4.2017 * Sylvie Muratorio (INRA URFM) came two days to work on a refactoring and review of the PDG model in Capsis. fc-24.4.2017 * Hendrik Davi and Valentin Journé (INRA URFM) came to AMAP to work on the connection between the Castanea model and the Phelib phenology library by Isabelle Chuine (CNRS CEFE). The connection is up and running. fc-19.4.2017 * Florian Delerue (Bordeaux-INP, ENSEGID) spent a week in AMAP to work on the dynamics of his Woudyfor model. A focus was made on the plantation patterns and their effect on the shrub management and dynamics. fc-24.3.2017 * The connection of Phenofit5 with the Phelib phenology library by Isabelle Chuine and Gauthier Boaglio (CNRS-CEFE) was performed last 13-16 March. Phenofit5 can now rely either on the Pheno5 library previously integrated in Capsis, or on the more flexible Phelib library supported by Inaki Garcia, Olivier Maury and David Delannoy (INRA Agroclim Avignon). fc-20.3.2017 * The CAQSIS 2017 meeting will take place in Bordeaux next 28-30 March, hosted by the FCBA. The schedule contains 24 contributions. fc-16.3.2017 * Mathieu Jonard (UCL ELI-e, Louvain, Belgium) spent 1 week in AMAP to work on the Heterofor model : debugging, added a stand viewer, created exports. nb-10.03.2017 * Benoît Courbaud (IRSTEA, Grenoble) spent 3 days to work on the Samsara2 model : created new graphics. nb-10.03.2017 * Marion Jourdan (CNRS, UMR CEFE, Montpellier) spent 1 day in AMAP to create a sensitivity analysis script for the Forceps model. nb-20.02.2017 * Sylvie Oddou Muratorio (INRA, UMR URFM, Avignon) spent 1 day in AMAP to simplify and accelerate processes in the PhysioDemoGenetics model. nb-17.02.2017 * Louis de Wergifosse (UCL, Belgium) spent 3 days in AMAP to add a phenology module in the Heterofor model. nb-25.01.2017 * A Capsis training course was organised by the INRA Avignon URFM research unit on 17-18 January, with 7 attendants. It was followed on 19-20 by training and working sessions for the connection of the Heterofor model by Mathieu Jonard (UCL, Belgium) with Hendrik Davi's Castanea library. Frédéric André and Louis de Wergifosse (UCL) attended these sessions. fc-23.1.2017 * Benoit Courbaud (IRSTEA Grenoble) came 3 days in Montpellier to add exporting features and more versatile charts and displays in his Samsara2 model. fc-23.1.2017 * Hendrik Davi (INRA, UMR URFM) spent 1 day in AMAP to work on the PhysioDemoGenetics model : added an linking option to the SamsaraLight radiative balance, tried to improve execution time. nb-19.12.2016 * Mathieu Jonard (UCL ELI-e, Louvain, Belgium) spent one week to work on the Heterofor model : fixed some bugs, refactored and added some exports, worked on the mortality process, tuned nutrient limitation. nb-12.12.2016 * Xavier Morin (CNRS, UMR CEFE) spent 2 days in AMAP to work on the ForCEEPS model : added 2 thinning tools, added options for regeneration and refactoring. nb-05.12.2016 * Hendrik Davi (INRA, UMR URFM) spent 2 days in AMAP to add three phenology functions in the CastaneaOnly and PhysioDemoGenetics models. nb-29.11.2016 * Robert Schneider (UQAR, Québec) spent 3 days in AMAP to improve the PlantaBSL model : added a commercial thinning, added the possibility to use a reproducible mode (for thinning, mortality and recruitment), refactoring. nb-25.11.2016 * Nicolas Donès (INRA, UMR PIAF, Clermont-Ferrand) spent 3 days in AMAP to work on the refactoring of the Regeneration library and the RReShar model : naming, moved some classes and methods from RReShar model to the Regeneration library, added some examples in the Regeneration library. nb-21.11.2016 * Francois de Coligny spent a week in Louvain la Neuve (Belgium) to work on the Heterofor project with Mathieu Jonard and Louis de Wergifosse, they focussed on the water balance. fc-20.10.2016 * Nicolas Beudez (INRA AMAP) joined the lab and the Capsis project as a permanent developer. We now have a better development team to help and support the modellers of the capsis project. fc-5.10.2016 * Benoit Courbaud (Irstea Grenoble) spent 3 days in AMAP to work on Samsara2: new cumulative histograms and cumulative areas charts, preparing the Samsara2 - RReShar connection with Philippe Balandier and Nicolas Donès (planned for mid-November). fc-26.9.2016 * Teresa Fonseca (UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal) stayed one week in AMAP to work with Gilles Le Moguedec and to link her ModisOptimizer tool to the Economics module by P. Cailly (FCBA Bordeaux), C. Deleuze and H. Rakotoarison (ONF RDI). The optimisation tool now can run simulations to find the scenario with the best net present value. fc-16.9.2016 * Mathieu Jonard and Louis de Wergifosse (UCL ELI-e, Louvain, Belgium) spent one week in Montpellier to work on the Heterofor model, they completed the connection work to PhreeqC (soil chemistry) and added a water balance submodel. fc-12.9.2016 * Capsis now officially relies on Java 1.8 (aka Java 8), you may have a look at this helper message if you need to switch. fc-26.7.2016 Training-at-MFFP * Francois de Coligny spent 3 weeks in Québec to attend the WoodQC2016 conference organised by University Laval (coord. Alexis Achim). He stayed in Québec city one week before the conference to work with Isabelle Auger, Hugues Power, Filip Havreljuk, Francois Guillemette and Charles Ward at the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs / Direction de la Recherche Forestière. He spent finally one week more in Rimouski to work at UQAR with Robert Schneider, Tony Franceschini and Emmanuel Duchateau. fc-20.6.2016 * Mathieu Jonard (UCL ELI-e, Louvain, Belgium) spent another week in Montpellier to work together on the soil chemistry part of Heterofor. fc-23.5.2016 * The CAQSIS-2016 meeting took place in Montpellier last 5-7 April. This year, the meeting was hosted by the CEFE (Xavier Morin). Robert Schneider (UQAR, Québec) was invited to attend the meeting and present a contribution. A visit was organised by the CEFE to their experimentation site of Puechabon. The presentations are available online. fc-11.4.2016 * Benoit Courbaud (Irstea Grenoble) stayed 2 days in AMAP to add features in his Samsara2 model, regarding thinning strategies for several species and harvesting dead trees. fc-8.3.2016 * Mathieu Jonard (UCL ELI-e, Louvain, Belgium) came a week to AMAP to work on the trees nutrient compartments in his model Heterofor. fc-7.3.2016 * INRA offers a permament position for an engineer to work on the Capsis project, see the INRA web site and this direct link to the proposed profile, deadline is 17 March 2016. fc-17.2.2016 * Christine Deleuze (ONF RDI) created the Capsis-ONF-2015 installer for ONF internal distribution (annual update). This release contains 24 forest dynamics models made available by their authors for use by the ONF experts. fc-15.2.2016 * A Capsis training session took place in Montpellier last 9-10 February, 6 students from Avignon and Montpellier attended this meeting. fc-10.2.2016 * Priscilla Cailly spent 2 days in AMAP to finalize the work on the FCBA models in Capsis. fc-20.1.2016 * Francois de Coligny was invited in Bordeaux last 11-14 January to work on the SilmarS model with Priscilla Cailly (FCBA), Céline Meredieu and Thierry Labbé (INRA Biogeco). fc-18.1.2016 * The porting in Capsis of the FCBA models for Spruce and Douglas fir is now complete. Priscilla Cailly (FCBA, Bordeaux) came to AMAP for a working stage of one week to work on the last developments and check the results against the former FCBA Oasis software. fc-7.11.2015 * Mathieu Jonard (UCL ELI-e, Louvain, Belgium) spent a week in AMAP to connect his forest growth model Heterofor with the geochemical reaction model Phreeqc (USGS, USA). The technical parts are now ok, still work to be done for the models connection. fc-31.10.2015 * Capsis 4.2.4 is available, with a new Graph system. See the Screenshots page for a preview. fc-16.10.2015 * Work on the SilmarS model has started on 14 October 2015: a skeleton has been built for the new module in Capsis. This new Maritime pine growth model is developed jointly by INRA (C. Meredieu, T. Labbé) and FCBA (P. Cailly) in the context of the “Groupe Pin Maritime du Futur” in the Aquitaine region. fc-15.10.2015 * Robert Schneider (UQAR Rimouski, Québec) came back for a short visit to AMAP. During his stay, PlantaBSL was updated: a new mortality model, few more diagrams and thinning tools. The Generic Thinning diagram was made compatible and a specific tool was built to allow clicking on trees to cut them. fc-2.10.2015 * Teresa Fonseca (UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal) visited AMAP for a week. She took contacts with Minna Pulkkinen and Christine Deleuze concerning Douglas fir and she started a work with Gilles Le Moguedec to run optimisation scenarios with the ModisPinaster model in Capsis. fc-21.9.2015 * Robert Schneider (UQAR Rimouski, Québec) spent a week in Montpellier to add the PlantaBSL model in Capsis. fc-26.6.2015 * Ruben Manso (INRA Lerfob, Nancy) came to Montpellier for a Capsis training and to add a thinning sub model in the Mathilde model he develops with Mathieu Fortin (AgroParisTech Lerfob, Nancy). fc-15.6.2015 * Priscilla Cailly (FCBA, Bordeaux) spent a week in Montpellier to work on the integration of the FCBA Spruce and Douglas models in Capsis. fc-15.6.2015 * The Phenofit model predicting species distribution at large scales has been ported from Delphi to Capsis by Isabelle Chuine and Yassine Motie (CNRS-CEFE, Montpellier) since the beginning of 2015. Phenofit 4 is currently being checked and the development of Phenofit 5, dealing with several species, is still under progress. fc-15.6.2015 * Francois de Coligny was invited last April to spend a week at the University of Louvain la Neuve (Belgium) to work with Mathieu Jonard (UCL ELI-e) on the Heterofor model. fc-15.6.2015 * The CAQSIS-2015 annual meeting, joining the members of the INRA CAQ (“Croissance Amélioration Qualité”) and Capsis networks, took place at AgroParisTech in Nancy last April 7-9, see the schedule (fr). The presentations are now available. fc-18.5.2015 * Emmanuel Duchateau (Université Laval, Canada) spent two weeks in AMAP to integrate knot models in Capsis. The QuEST Knot Viewer complements the work by Alexis Achim few months ago (see below). These tools can be launched outside Capsis. fc - 26.3.2015 * Alexis Achim (Université Laval, Canada) visited for a short period to integrate simulations of stem properties within Capsis. The new tool named QuEST Stem Viewer can currently be run for Black spruce using the Artemis growth model. Additional species and connections to other growth model will follow. aa - 10.12.2014 * Nate Osborne (Oregon State University, USA) stayed in Montpellier for 4 days to integrate a simplified version of the Organon growth model into Capsis. This release takes inputs and calculates results in the metric system. It is free software and will now be distributed with the Capsis web installer on the download page. Check the project page for more details. fc+no - 12.9.2014 * Benoit Courbaud (Irstea Grenoble) visited AMAP on June 24-25 to add dendro micro habitats management in the Samsara2 model. fc - 3.7.2014 * An internal mobility position for a software engineer is opened on the Capsis project. This position is opened to all engineers (Ingénieur d'Etudes) of the french public administration. Deadline for candidating: 3 July 2014. fc - 27.5.2014 * Capsis now officially relies on Java 1.7 (also called Java 7), you may check the documentation pages for more details. fc - 27.5.2014 * Teresa Fonseca (UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal) spent few days again in AMAP to work on the Modis Pinaster model. Stocking management and several new outputs were added. (fc - 26.5.2014) * A recent upgrade of SSL on the server, hosting the Capsis and AMAPstudio projects, may prevent the modellers to reconnect to the SVN server for an 'update' or 'commit' from their local copies. A step by step documentation explains how to resolve these problems with SmartSVN 8 (needs a modeller level login). (fc - 21.5.2014) * The CAQSIS-2014 meeting, joining the members of the CAQ network and Capsis platform, took place at the University of Liège, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech campus, Belgium last April 8-10. Around 40 people attended the meeting (fr). (fc - 14.4.2014) * The next Capsis training session will take place in Montpellier next 1-2 April 2014. (fc - 21.3.2014) * Priscilla Cailly (FCBA BSA, Bordeaux) spent a week in AMAP to start the Economics module implementation in partnership with the ONF R&D division (see the projects page). (fc - 20.3.2014) * Nicolas Donès (INRA PIAF, Clermont Ferrand) came to Montpellier in February for the OpenFluid training session and could work on a 2 days review on the Capsis-RReShar model by Philippe Balandier. (fc - 20.3.2014) * Florian Delerue (UMR BioGeCo, Université de Bordeaux) came to AMAP for a whole week work session on his Woudyfor model. The Pine trees light effect has been added, the forestry management effects are now considered, the common gorse dynamics processes have been updated and reviewed. (fc - 29.1.2014) * Francois de Coligny was invited on 17th October 2013 at the Faculty of Forest Science and Forest Ecology of the University of Goettingen (Germany) to present the Capsis project at the colloquium “Forest Biometrics and Computer Science”. Thierry Fourcaud was also invited to present AMAP's tree architecture modelling works at this special occasion of the 70th birthday of Prof. Branislav Sloboda. (fc - 21.10.2013) * Capsis and AMAPstudio have been presented at the IUFRO 5.01.04 – Wood quality modelling international conference MeMoWood, in Nancy 1-4 October 2013. The presentation is available here. (fc - 9.10.2013) * Francois de Coligny was invited to present Capsis and AMAPstudio at the international summer school “Modelling of Ecosystems by Tools from Computer Sciences” co-organised at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (Czech Republic) on 16-20 September 2013 by Profs. Winfried Kurth and Branislav Sloboda (University of Goettingen, Germany) and Prof. Marek Fabrika (Technical University of Zvolen, Slovakia), and coupled with the 6th meeting of the developers and users of GroIMP. (fc - 23.9.2013) * Barry Gardiner, Kana Kamimura, Céline Meredieu and Thierry Labbé (INRA Biogeco, Bordeaux) visited AMAP last 12-14 August to prepare and begin a fully integrated ForestGales library in Capsis. This new connection will make it easier to run ForestGales risk assessment simulations on Capsis scenarios. (fc - 20.8.2013) * The CAQSIS 2013 meeting took place last 8-10 April in Prenovel (Jura), coupling like every year the Capsis and CAQ network annual meetings. More than 30 people from France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium attended the meeting, including forest managers from ONF R&D division and CNPF/IDF. The presentations are now available on the documentation pages (fr). (fc - 17.4.2013) * Several projects have been started for the last few months, including ForEnerChips (INRA Lerfob Nancy), Fompine (INRA Biogeco Bordeaux) and Forceps (CNRS CEFE Montpellier). See the projects page for more details. (fc - 17.4.2013) * The 2013 Capsis training session took place in Montpellier on 29-30 January 2013. Five participants from INRA, IRSTEA and the Canadian Forest Service attended this session. (fc - 1.2.2013) * The Capsis ONF 2012 release has been packaged by Christine Deleuze with the help of the Capsis modellers for distribution inside the ONF. This distribution contains 18 models. Feedback from the ONF users is expected to fix the bugs, improve the models, make configuration and ergonomy better. (fc - 21.12.2012) * The STANDFIRE project started in december 2012 by a kickoff conference call with all the partners from the USA and from INRA Avignon. The leader of this 2012-2015 project is Russell Parsons from USDA Forest Service, Missoula, Montana. The objective is to develop together a Decision Support System for spatially explicit 3D fuel treatment analysis at the stand level. (fc - 21.12.2012) * Mathieu Jonard (ELI-e, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) came to Montpellier for a week of work on his Heterofor model. The session focussed on using all the ellipsoidal-based crown shapes possibilities offered by the SamsaraLight library, adding different Leaf Area Density models, proposing a method to fill the gaps on his inventories and building scripts driven by command files. (fc - 28.11.2012) * Teresa Fonseca (UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal) visited AMAP for one week to work on the Modis Pinaster model. Several sub-models were adapted and new outputs about biomass, fuel and energy were added. (fc - 19.10.2012) * Capsis 4.2.3 is available, see the download section for a web demo release. Several details have been reviewed about the user interface (including fewer and better project colors, new icon set, bigger toolbar). (fc - 3.10.2012) * After his initial visit in 2008, Robert Schneider (UQAR, Canada) came back to AMAP for a week to work on the spatialisation of his Jackpine model, based on the Crobas model by Anniki Makela (University of Helsinki, Finland). (fc - 5.7.2012) * A working session around the SamsaraLight radiative model took place in Grenoble (18-21 June 2012). Mathieu Jonard, Gauthier Ligot, Benoit Courbaud and Francois de Coligny worked together to provide more flexible crown descriptions and a more generic way to give the incoming incident radiation. (fc - 22.6.2012) * The 14th Capsis meeting took place in Nogent sur Vernisson last April 2-4 2012, joint with the 15th CAQ meeting. See the reports (fr) on the documentation page. (fc - 18.4.2012) * Added a documentation to create a simple graph easily (fc - 23.3.2012) * Florian Delerue (INRA TCEM Bordeaux) spent a week in AMAP to start the integration of his Woudyfor model in Capsis. (fc - 23.3.2012) * Sergio de Miguel (University of Eastern Finland) came visiting the AMAP lab for the whole month of February to integrate several growth models and an optimization tool in a Capsis Optimist project. (fc - 8.2.2012) * Mathieu Jonard and Francois Herman (UCL, Louvain, Belgium) attended the 24-25 January Capsis training and then stayed for a two days starting stage on their Heterofor project. (fc - 27.1.2012) * Gauthier Ligot and Samuel Quevauvillers (ULG, Gembloux, Belgium) visited the Capsis team for a whole week (16-20 January) to work on the Gymnos model, its integration in the forest level Simmem simulator and some other topics about wood quality and economics. (fc - 26.1.2012) * A reference paper about Capsis was published in the Annals of Forest Science international journal, see the Publications page for more details. (fc - 5.1.2012) * The next Capsis training session will take place in Montpellier next January 24-25th 2012. 8 candidate modellers have already registered. (fc - 23.11.2011) * A technical meeting about the ModisPinaster model was organized in Vila Real (Portugal) by Teresa F. Fonseca on 19th October 2011 for 25 engineers, technicians and members of associations of the forestry field. F. de Coligny was kindly invited for a week of work in Portugal on this occasion. (fc - 2.11.2011) * Teresa F. Fonseca (UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal) came back to Montpellier after her initial coming in 2009. She came for a 2 weeks visit to work on her ModisPinaster model: more accurate equations calculated from new field data, thinning with the Wilson factor or the Stand density index, better mortality assessment. (fc - 11.5.2011) * The Capsis annual meeting (april 4-6th 2011) took place in Avignon. It was coupled this year with the CAQ annual meeting (“le réseau des chercheurs et développeurs francophones impliqués dans la modélisation forêt-bois”). More than 50 participants from INRA, Cemagref, IRD, Cirad, ONF, IFN, ITK attended the meeting. The next CAQ-Capsis coupled meeting will be organized next year in april in Nogent sur Vernisson. The report (fr). (fc - 7.4.2011) * A review page listing the intervention methods available in Capsis was added on the documentation page (section 2.8). (fc - 7.4.2011) * Three new projects have been started since the beginning of the year: Simmem is a multi-forests model developed by the Cemagref in the frame of the Forgeco ANR project, Douglas is the first model from Belgium in Capsis (Université de Liège Gembloux) and Abccedrus is a colonization model by a team of INRA-BioSP - Avignon (see the projects page for details). (fc - 29.3.2011) * Fuel manager modules have been used to simulate Aleppo pine fuel of 558 experimental plots from French National Inventory. Thinning scenarios with the constraint of a minimum distance between crown (fire prevention) varying between 1 and 10 m were computed. These simulations were used to develop simple relationships between stand parameters and fuel characteristics for French forest service. This work will be presented at the Medpine4 conference in Avignon in June 2011. (fp - 21.01.2011) * Artemis and Succes modules have been officially released on Nov 9th, 2010. The two modules are being used on an operational basis by the Forester in Chief Office in the Province of Québec, CANADA, for calculating the annual allowable cut volumes on public lands. (mf - 17.01.2011) * New and up to date backup slides in english for the Java and Capsis training are available on the documentation page. They will be used for the Capsis training next week. (fc - 9.12.2010) * New documents have been added on the Documentation page to help the Capsis modellers build extensions by themselves: in particular an intervention tool. (fc - 8.12.2010) * The next Capsis training is planned for next december, 14-15 in Montpellier. The first day will be a fast Java introduction and the second day a complete Capsis training course with concrete exercises to learn about integrating a new module in the platform. (fc - 3.12.2010) * Capsis is currently being re-engineered to become fully multi-application. The capsis kernel is refactored to remove unneeded dependencies and some improvements are under progress (scripts in other applications, better options management, clearer starting process, svn revision added to app version and written with the projects, a new PathManager to get the main directories names…). (fc - 24.9.2010) * The report of the 12th Capsis annual meeting (FR) (june, 22nd, 2010) is available, 25 members of the Capsis community attended this session. (fc - 23.6.2010) * The next annual Capsis meeting will take place in Montpellier next June 22nd. A two day Capsis working session will follow for the Capsis Modellers wishing to work on their projects with the help of the developers: june 23rd and 24th. (fc - 26.5.2010) * Five modellers attended the Capsis working session in Nancy (March 30-31, April 1st). They worked on the new architecture, tests, automations and scripts. (fc - 1.4.2010) * The third Capsis working session took place this week in Montpellier (15th, 16th, 17th of December). The first day was a training session to the Java language. * Xiangdong Lei from from the Chinese academy of forestry (CAF) and Samuel Dufour integrated the LSFMGM model in Capsis. (sdk - 23.11.2009) * The second Capsis working session took place this week in Avignon (29-30.9 and 1.10). Ten Capsis modellers attended this meeting and could get help from the Capsis developpers on their model implementation. (fc - 2.10.2009) * Teresa F. Fonseca (UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal) presented a synopsis of the ModisPinaster model and its implementation in Capsis platform at the University of Helsinki (Finland), 17-18 September 2009, under the 3rd Workshop and MC Meeting of the Cost Action FP0603. A large audience of forest modellers from the European Countries was present. (tf - 28.09.2009) * Xiangdong Lei and Hong Guo from the Chinese academy of forestry (CAF) came to visit the CAPSIS team in Montpellier. (xd - 10.09.2009) * The report of the 11th Capsis meeting is available on the documentation page (scroll down to the section: “4. Reports of Capsis annual meetings”). (fc - 25.6.2009) * Robert Schneider (UQAM, Montreal, Canada) gave a workshop on the Jack pine model in Capsis to 40 persons of ForValueNet, a NSERC strategic network on forest management for value-added products ( (rs - 18.6.2009) * The next annual Capsis meeting will take place in AMAP, Montpellier next 24th, June 2009. (fc - 16.6.2009) * Teresa Fidalgo Fonseca (UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal) is currently spending 2 weeks in Montpellier to integrate its ModisPinaster model (Maritime pine) in Capsis. (fc - 16.6.2009) * Nine modellers attended the first Capsis working session (May, 18-20th) in Montpellier. They saw specific presentations about the concerns they choosed and they could work on their models with the help of the Capsis developpers. Particular topics that were discussed: “Good options for developping”, “Viewing in 2D and 3D”, “Tests” and “Script mode”. (fc - 25.5.2009) * A working session for Capsis modellers who want to improve their skills in developing is planned next May 18-20 in Montpellier. (fc - 5.5.2009) * Mathieu Fortin (MNRF - Québec) came few days to Montpellier last april to work together on the Artemis model (growth of the Québec forests) he developed with Jean-Francois Lavoie. (fc - 5.5.2009) * Capsis web site is now accessible from and (sdk - 23.2.2009) * The migration of Capsis from CVS to the SVN version system was completed. The Capsis Modellers can get their new local copy of Capsis (the one to work inside from now on) from SVN with the help of the SVN documentation. The CVS server was disconnected: no futher work is possible on the CVS local copies. (fc - 30.1.2009) * New presentations have been added in the Documention page to be used by the members of the project in their own presentations. They can be used directly in .pdf format and are also available in .ppt or .odp for adaptation. (fc - 30.1.2009) * The Capsis website has been transfered to a wiki (allowing online page edition). Some page may be still missing but, it should be corrected shortly (sdk - 21.11.2008) * Samuel Dufour (INRA) has joined AMAP and the Capsis team as a second permanent developer. He will take care of the project management tools, but also of design, development, support and progressively all the usual tasks concerning Capsis (fc - 3.11.2008) * RReShar is a new project concerning regeneration in Capsis. It was linked with the new SamsaraLight library for reusing the radiative balance method in the Samsara project. See models. (fc - 3.10.2008) * Capsis now contains several 3D tools based on the Sketch library. This library was initialy built for the FireParadox project. The Sketch framework makes it possible to draw various sketch scenes and objects. Here: a scene of the Samsara model by Benoit Courbaud (Cemagref). (fc - 3.10.2008) * The last Capsis meeting has taken place in Montpellier on June 17th. (fc - 3.10.2008) * Robert Schneider (UQAM) spent two weeks in Montpellier (19-30 May). We integrated within Capsis his JackPine model based on the Crobas / PipeQual model by Annikki Makela (University of Helsinki, Finland). JackPine was ported from the MatLab environment. (fc - 2.6.2008) * The Capsis modellers 2008 training session took place in Montpellier on February, 13-14 with 10 trainee modellers. See documentation. (fc - 15.02.2008) * News Archive ====== The Capsis web site visitors ====== <html> <a href=“” id=“clustrMapsLink”><img src=“” style=“border:0px;” alt=“Locations of visitors to this page” title=“Locations of visitors to this page” id=“clustrMapsImg” onerror=“this.onerror=null; this.src=''; document.getElementById('clustrMapsLink').href='';” /> </a> </html>
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