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 ====== Community news ====== ====== Community news ======
 +  * Frédérique Santi (INRA BioforA, Orléans) spent an other **4 days Ecoaf working session in AMAP** last 11-14 December, with a visit of Fabien Liagre (Agroof Anduze), focus was made on the parcel borders edges. // fc-18.12.2018 //
 +  * The **next Capsis training course** for people about to program models in the platform will be held next 31.01-1.02.2019 in Montpellier,​ interested modellers may contact us. // fc-7.12.2018 //
 +  * A 2 days working session was carried out with Sylvie Muratorio (INRA URFM) to **link the PDG / PhysioDemoGenetics model with the phenofit / fit2018 phenology library** by Isabelle Chuine (CNRS CEFE). // fc-7.12.2018 //
 +  * Frédérique Santi (INRA BioforA, Orléans) came to AMAP last 26-30 November to **work on Ecoaf** with also Fabien Liagre (Agroof Anduze) on Wednesday and Thursday, a feature has been started **to plant hedges on the parcels borders**. // fc-3.12.2018 //
 +  * Manon Helluy (IRSTEA UR RECOVER, Aix-en-Provence) came 4 days to AMAP to work on the **RReShar model**: worked on the **water process** (changed the initialization of calculations,​ water process is now forest-type dependent, soil water characteristics are now defined in soil layers instead of cells, called water process before trees growth process), created some **exports**,​ modified the **format of inventories files** and did some improvements (graphical user interface, fixed bugs, some cleaning). // nb-12.11.2018 //
 +  * Frédérique Santi (INRA BioforA, Orléans) and Christope Sotteau (AGRO-ECO Expert) came back one week to AMAP **to go on working on EcoAF**, a 3D editor has been designed to set up tree lines and vegetation strips on agricultiral parcels with the help and expertise of Fabien Liagre and Antoine Marin (Agroof Anduze). // fc-15.10.2018 //
 +  * The **Heterofor model was connected to the capsis.lib.regeneration library** (P. Balandier, Irstea, Nogent sur Vernisson & N. Donès, INRA, Clermont-Ferrand) by Mathieu Jonard, Brieuc Ryelandt (UCL Louvain, Belgium) and Nicolas Donès. // fc-5.10.2018 //
 +  * A **refactoring of capsis.lib.phenofit** by Isabelle Chuine (CNRS CEFE) was conducted this fall to better organise the phenology data in memory and automatise the activation and daily run of the plants development phases. This capsis.lib.phenofit.fit2018 variant was connected to CastaneaOnly (Hendrik Davi, INRA URFM) by F. de Coligny and Valentin Journé (INRA URFM). // fc-1.10.2018 //
   * Xavier Morin (CNRS CEFE) came to restore a broken feature about parameters **intra specific variability in Forceeps**. // fc-19.9.2018 //   * Xavier Morin (CNRS CEFE) came to restore a broken feature about parameters **intra specific variability in Forceeps**. // fc-19.9.2018 //
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