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Jordi Gil & Jacques Labonne (INRA), UMR ECOBIOP 1224, Ecologie Comportementale et Biologie des Populations de Poissons, Pôle d'Hydrobiologie, Quartier Ibarron, 64310 Saint-Pée sur Nivelle, FRANCE


This module is dedicated to management of brown trout populations with a special focus of introgression between Mediterranean and Atlantic lineages. The objective is to provide a simulation tool accounting for evolutionary processes to aid decision making for environmental managers.


Mediterranea is derived from the Bidasoa module. It simplifies a number of options of Bidasoa to better fit the purpose decided by the manager: being simple and adapted to the case study between ATL and MED lineages. On the other hand, it does integrate some new evolutionary processes (whereas Bidasoa was only about neutral genetics). Namely, 2 relationships between genotype/phenotype and fitness are included. First, reproductive isolation related to mating behaviour. Second, reproductive isolation related to early survival. The genotype allows to give an introgression value to each individual from pure MED to pure ATL. The user can change the 2 reproductive isolation relationships, and can simulate the impact on introgression dynamics.

Validity & Publications

The model is currently in construction. The reproductive isolation relationships will be estimated from field and lab experiments. A previous set of simulations has been ran with neutral genetics that matched observed trends in the wild (Master of Jordi Gil). However, the model is far from being valid up to now.

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