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Stretch project initialisation

Choose a species library or create species, choose general parameters, then go planting the trees with the Next button. Once the trees planted, validate the initial step creation with Ok.

You can also use the Stretch Step Import tab to reload a saved simulation Step, previously exported with the Stretch Step Export (on a simulation Step, Contextual menu > Export > Stretch Step Export). During the import, it is possible to change the Stretch option (Lieberman with or without crown, MMR, SLIM) and also some Species parameters values. The trees will be planted in the same locations.

Species tab

To create a species: the Create button opens a species editor. Fill in the empty fields then validate. The new species is added to the list. To Save your library on disk, use SaveAs.

To load a species library: the Load button opens a file chooser to select a previously saved library file .

Choose Edit to change the parameters of the selected species and Delete to remove it from the list. Save your changes on disk with the SaveAs button.

The current library file name appears at the bottom of the tab.

General tab

Choose the main Stretch model option within Liberman with or wothout crown, MMR (Mir Musc Radbal) and SLIM (Simple Light Interception Model). Fill in the plot size information.

It is possible to Save these parameters on disk or to reload a previously saved parameter file.

Stretch Step Import tab

Activate the import mode, then choose the file to be loaded and load it. This file was created during a previous simulation with the Stretch Step Export.

At this time, you can check the content of the import file (parameters values, species library, trees locations…). It is now possible to change some parameters values for the new simulation on the Species and General Parameters tabs (Stretch option, species parameters values). Some other parameters are locked (plot size, cell size…).

Finally, Validate the import will result in the trees plantation, then hit Ok.

Warning: If the species library can not be found (moved, renamed, import done on another computer…), you are told. You can create the requested species (you have the list) or you can load a library containing these species.

Random Plantation tab

Choose among the species of the current species library the ones you want to plant and move them into the list on the right side with the arrows. For each species, edit the Number of trees column to specify how many individuals you want to plant. Finally use Plant to plant the trees. The locations of the trees are chosen randomly.

Regular Plantation tab

To be completed.

Initial step validation

Once the trees correctly planted , validate the dialog with Ok. The project opens in the Project manager.

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