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Dr. Sergio de Miguel Magaña

School of Forest Sciences, Faculty of Science and Forestry, University of Eastern Finland

Address: Yliopistokatu 7, Borealis building, P.O.Box 111, 80101 Joensuu , FINLAND.



OptimiSt (by Dr. Sergio de Miguel) is a software for simulating forest stand dynamics and optimizing multi-objective forest management. OptimiSt is under permanent development since it is a flexible tool that combines interdisciplinary methods and knowledge from forest science, statistical modelling and operational research. It can be adapted to different target forest ecosystems by enabling the integration of different forest management-oriented models. Forest stand dynamics are simulated on an individual-tree basis by combining predictive models for:

- Individual-tree diameter increment,

- Individual-tree mortality and survival,

- Self-thinning (stand-level survival based on a proxy for the maximum carrying capacity of the ecosystem),

- Individual-tree height-diameter relationship,

- Site index,

- Ingrowth,

- Biomass / carbon stock in different tree components (i.e., crown, branches, foliage, stem),

- Taper or stem profile.

Several methods and algorithms may be used in stand-level forest management optimization. Currently, metaheuristics (i.e. Simulated Annealing) based on nonlinear programming have been adapted in order to allow for continuous decision variables. The optimization procedure allows for using both biological (i.e., mean anual increment) and economic (i.e., net present value, soil expectation value) management goals.

OptimiSt is useful for the analysis of alternative forest management scenarios in relation to wood and non-wood forest products (i.e., simulation), as well as for finding the optimal combination of decision variables in order to achieve single or multi-objective managements goals.

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