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The Hi-sAFe model is described in the Ph. D. thesis of Grégoire Talbot available at:

Agroforestry research by INRA UMR-SYSTEM:

The AGROCOP (AGROforestry with COPpice) webpage:

The Hi-sAFe model web site


Dufour, L., Metay, A., Talbot, G., Dupraz, C., 2012. Assessing light competition for cereal production in temperate agroforestry systems using experimentation and crop modeling Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, on line

Malézieux, E., Crozat, Y., Dupraz, C., Laurans, M., Makowski, D., Ozier-Lafontaine, H., Rapidel, B., de Tourdonnet, S., Valantin-Morison, M., 2009. Mixing plant species in cropping systems: concepts, tools and models. A review. Agron. Sustain. Dev. 28, 43-62.

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