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An Agroforestry model. All documents below are French-written. Tous les documents en téléchargement ci-dessous sont en français.

Contacts: Frédérique Santi (INRAE Biofora Orléans), Fabien Liagre (Agroof Anduze)

Ask for indoors, Zoom or phone help sessions (1 to 3 hours, for free): or 06 63 15 32 39. Useful docs and the installer below, ask also to the contact if you cannot handle zip files:

Link to download one example of regional RPG (Centre Val de Loire):

An EcoAF version 1.2 (October 2021), the soft includes fruit trees:

  1. Download link (until November, 4th) for the latest EcoAF executable .jar file, please look at “An Ecoaf presentation” below for details: how to install it etc
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