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Jacques Labonne (INRA) UMR INRA - Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour “Ecologie Comportementale et Biologie des Populations de Poissons” Pôle d'Hydrobiologie de Saint Pée sur Nivelle, INRA Quartier Ibarron 64310 Saint Pée sur Nivelle Tél : (0)5 59 51 59 80


Dynet is a research module. It is two-fold. First, it incorporates a model tool (RiverMaker) that allows the user to generate his own dendritic networks based on simple stochastic rules. This can be accessed from the initial control panel of Dynet. Second, once a network is loaded, a demogenetic model is simulated with a simple life cycle. The aim of the module is to track the influence of dendritic spatial structures on population demography (size, extinction, variance) and genetics (FIS, genetic isolation by distance, genetic drift). The model uses the Genetics 2.0 Library.

The inventory file can be splitted in two files: a species file, and a dendritic network file, which can be computer generated using RiverMaker.

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