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CastaneaOnly is an eco-physiological model of forest trees

The original model Castanea was coded in FORTRAN and published in these artices:

Dufrêne, E., H. Davi, C. François, G. le Maire, V. Le Dantec, and A. Granier. “Modelling carbon and water cycles in a beech forest: Part I: Model description and uncertainty analysis on modelled NEE.” Ecological Modelling 185, no. 2 (2005): 407-436.

Davi, H., E. Dufrêne, A. Granier, V. Le Dantec, C. Barbaroux, C. François, and N. Bréda. “Modelling carbon and water cycles in a beech forest: Part II.: Validation of the main processes from organ to stand scale.” Ecological Modelling 185, no. 2 (2005): 387-405.

Hendrik Davi then re-coded Castanea in java to be able to use as part of the module PhysioDemoGenetics.

In 2012, K Csillery and H Davi decided to start a new standalone Castanea module, which is aimed at modeling the hourly/daily response of an “average tree” to climate and soil conditions. CastaneaOnly is pure eco-physiology module, and does not model demography or competition.

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