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Alexis Achim (Université Laval, Canada), David Auty (Northern Arizona University, USA), Emmanuel Duchateau (Université Laval, Canada), December 2014

QuEST predicts internal stem properties for various species of the Canadian boreal forest. Prediction models were developed as part of Alexis Achim’s research program at Laval University. Work was conducted by graduate students (Luciane Paes Torquato, Emmanuel Duchateau) and a postdoctoral fellow (David Auty).

The integration of QuEST in the CAPSIS platform allows a visualisation of the simulations run using predictions of a tree growth model and a stem taper equation as input. Funding was provided by ForValueNet, the NSERC strategic network on forest management for value-added products.

Stem Viewer

→ The stem viewer allows the prediction of the MOE and MOR properties for black spruce specie using the models developped by Paes Torquato L, Auty D, Hernández RE, Duchesne I, Pothier D, Achim A. 2014. Black spruce trees from fire-origin stands have higher wood mechanical properties than those from older , irregular stands. Can. J. For. Res. 44: 118–127.

MOE prediction

Knots Viewer

The knots viewer allows the prediction of the distribution and of the geometry of the knots (diameter and curvature) along the stem as their 3D visualisation for black spruce specie. An output file is also created to be read byBil3D

→ The distribution models were described in Duchateau E, Auty D, Mothe F, Achim A. 2013. Improving branch distribution models in trees using X-ray computed tomography. 7th International Conference on Functional-Structural Plant Models, Saariselkä, Finland. Saariselkä, Finland.

→ The geometry model was described in Duchateau E, Auty D, Mothe F, Longuetaud F, Ung C, Achim A. 2013. Models of knot and stem development in black spruce trees indicate a shift in allocation priority to branches when growth is limited. PeerJ. 10.7717/peerj.873.

3D reconstruction Knots distribution Knot geometry

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