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Thinning Diagram

Perform a thinning action with an interactive diagram, by setting the target number in each diameter class.

It is possible to change the classwidth and optionnaly the minimum threshold, also to select the per hectare option or the girth mode instead of diameter.

Each bar shows the number of individuals in the corresponding class. Change the bars position or directly enter the target value at the top of the bars.

Check the result under the interactive diagram: approximative values before and after the intervention and also for the cut trees concerning numbers, basal area and diameter of the mean tree.

Note: If for one given bar the per hectare option results in a value less than 1, then the bar value is forced to 1 to be able to cut the corresponding trees by moving the slider to 0.

Optionally, enter a number of trees to cut with the Alder's thinning algorithm and hit the Apply button. The class values will be set to match the results of the algorithm.

Alder, D., 1979. A distance-independent tree model for exotic conifer plantations in east Africa. For. Sci. 25: 59-71.

When ready, press Ok, trees will be cut to match the new histogram.

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