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ModisPinaster is a diameter distribution model for Pinus pinaster stands (Model with Diameter Distribution for P. Pinaster), developed by Fonseca (2004). It applies to pure maritime pine stands, thinned or unthinned. Stands might be homogeneous in horizontal distribution or having an irregularly shaped diameter distribution. Further details concerning model structure and development are shown in model description (see ModisPinaster in Capsis Projects).

Input data

Model initiates from a calibration point that requires data variables easily obtained from current inventories.

Stand variables: t = Stand age, yr; hd = dominant height, m; G = basal area, m2ha-1; N = number of trees per hectare; dd = dominant diameter, cm.

Stand nature: Homogeneous or Heterogeneous. Number of diameter classes and diameter standard deviation as optional.

Management variables: Nt = Number of trees recently cut (if any).

Historical details on tree mortality: Presence or absence of dead trees (Binary)

Site variables: Inc = Terrain slope (º.), Exp = Terrain direction (º.).

Optional: median diameter, cm; average diameter, cm; dmin = minimum diameter, cm; dmax = maximum diameter, cm.

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