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Writing your Module online documentation

All the Capsis documentation is hosted on this wiki (kernel and module).

<note> Before adding the module documentation on the wiki, you must remove old html files in the module directory.

  • index_fr.html
  • index_en.html
  • Others html files in gui directory


1. Module Main Page

From Capsis, in the New project dialog, click on the Information icon.

Alternative: From the Capsis web site, on the “Projects page”, click on the name of your project.

You will be redirected to the Project main page. If this page doesn't exist you can create it.

  • Click on “Login”
  • Enter your login/password (if you do not have a login yet, see below)
  • Click on the “Edit Page” link or on the “Create this page” link
  • Use the wiki editor to fill the page
  • Use “Preview” to view the result and “Save” to validate the page

1.1 If you do not have a login yet

The Capsis modellers have a single login to connect to the SVN server, to connect to the amap-dev project manager web site and to edit this wiki. → If you have a SVN login, that's it.

If you have a project in Capsis but not yet an SVN login, see the following doc at section “2- Create an amap-dev account”:

1.2 Contents

The page may contain the following entries (or any other you choose):

  • Project name
  • Author
  • Objectives
  • Description
  • Validity & Publications

See the Sapin main page as an example

This page should be written in English and in French, please select the appropriate page with the 'English / Français' links at the top right of the page.

In case you do not speak french, please copy your english text in the french page or make an appropriate link to the english page.

2. Module Dialog

From Capsis, each dialog box in a module should be documented. Use the “Help” button to access to the correct wiki page. Create the page if necessary.

The page should be written in English and in French (in case you do not speak french, please copy your english text in the french page).

For instance, see the translation assistant documentation.

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