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Notepad++ (Windows User)

Presentation & Download

NotePad++ is an open source and powerfull code editor for Windows. Features:

  • Coloration
  • Easy indentation
  • Integrated console
  • Powerfull search functions…

More information :

Download NotePad++ :

Configuration with Capsis

  • In menu → plugins → NppExec → Excecute : enter the command you want to execute, for instance :
    • c:\capsis4\ant.bat compile

TextPad Editor (Windows User)

Presentation & Download

TextPad is a general purpose editor with coloration and compilation command for Windows.

More information :

Download Textpad :

TextPad is a shareware (It is not an Open Source / Libre Software).

Configuration with Capsis

  • Open Configuration panel : ConfigurationPreferences
  • Click on the Tools item
  • Delete existing java tools with the delete button (red cross).

(This way, compile in Capsis will be the first entry in the menu with the usual shortcut CTRL+&. The standard Java tools will be restored later.)

  • Click AddProgram and select your_capsis_directory/src/javac_capsis.bat
  • Click Add → Java SDK Commands to restore previously removed java tools.
  • When editing a java source file, you can compile with the following command : Tools → external tools → Compile

Scite Editor (Linux user)

Presentation & Download

Scite is a simple editor available on Linux system. Use your system installer to install it.

For instance, for Ubuntu distribution use:

sudo apt-get install scite 

Configuration with Capsis

  • Go to Options → Open User Options file
  • Add the following lines in the file (Replace my_capsis_dir by the full path of your capsis4 directory)
command.compile.*.java=sh my_capsis_dir/bin/ $(FileNameExt)*.java=sh my_capsis_dir/bin/ $(FileNameExt)
command.go.*.java=java $(FileName)
  • Save the file

You can now compile in Scite !!

See this note if you want to compile Capsis and Jeeb in Scite.

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