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Using Eclipse


Eclipse is an IDE (integrated development environment). It intends to facilitate the developer works with integrated tools. Interessing features are

  • A powerfull editor with completion and refactoring capabilities
  • Version repository access (CVS, SVN)
  • Debugging tools / Profiling
  • Test framework

<note information> You don't need to use Eclipse to integrate your model in Capsis. Eclipse IDE has very advanced functionalities and can be a bit complex for occasional programmers. If you are not sure that Eclipse is for you, you can still use your own editor (like Textpad or Scite). See using textpad scite </note>


We recommend to use the last version of eclipse : Ganymede

Import Capsis from SVN

  1. Install Eclipse Subversive SVN plugin
  2. New project → Project from SVN
  3. Create a new repository location
  4. Select trunk
  5. Click Finish
  6. Select Check out as a porject with the name specified and enter capsis4
  7. Click Finish

Build Capsis

  • Capsis4 will be imported as a java project. Eclipse will manage compilation.
  • It is not necessary to edit the build path since configuration files are already under version control
  • If you need to customize compilation process
    • go in the project properties.
    • ensure that source folders on build path and default output folder are set to capsis4/bin
    • ensure that all .jar are in the build path by using the button Add jars

Run Capsis

  • Click on the Run Button.
  • You can add a particular configuration
    • Run → Run configuration
    • Select Java Application
    • New launch configuration
    • Specify the main class (here


  • If you have to press twice the run button before Capsis really starts then replace the file capsis4/.project by the following one :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  • If the visu 3D do not work when you launch capsis with Eclipse under Windows, then add the path of the corresponding nativewindow_jvm.dll among your system variables. For example, for a windows 64 : /capsis4/ext/windows64/nativewindow_jvm.dll (does not work with recent version of eclipse)
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