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The jeeb.lib library

jeeb.lib (Just Enough Elements for Biomodelling) is an AMAP library in Java. The AMAP developers can share interesting tools within the lab through this library. It contains several packages, including :

  • jeeb.lib.util: automatic graphical user interfaces, bases for implementing an extension manager, height map features, a java interactive object inspector, and many useful tools, including tools to build user interfaces in an easy way
  • jeeb.lib.structure: technical basic descriptions for the organs of a plant and their attributes and geometry, including mesh features, depends on javax.vecmath
  • jeeb.lib.sketch: a library for rough 3D in java, based on jogl (Java OpenGL)
  • jeeb.lib.maps: a library for combinatory maps, including Voronoi and Delaunay diagrams
  • jeeb.lib.formats: a library for reading and writing various formats (including plant formats)
  • jeeb.lib.defaulttype: basic abstract descriptions used in all the AMAP apps, trees, types, crowns…

Capsis relies on a package named ext/jeeb-util.jar in which some of these features are bundled. This is why you may find imports related to jeeb.lib.* at the top of the classes.

A complete documentation (javadoc) for Capsis, including the jeeb classes, is available (needs you to login on the amap-dev server with your Capsis/SVN login) for the Capsis developers and modellers at this location. [EDIT: broken link fc-2.2.2016]

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