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How to use the stand table in script mode

In your script, use a code looking like the one following. You will notice the way the extractor may be configured.

The resulting String array may be written into an output file line by line.

 * This method is an example, the code inside may be copied and adapted in scripts
 * to write the result in an export file.
 * A convenient static method to apply the extractor on a given step and
 * get the result in a String array.
 * <pre> String[][] array = DEStandTable.createStandTable (step); </pre>
static public String[][] createStandTable (Step step) {
	// Create the dataExtractor for this step
	GenericExtensionStarter st = new GenericExtensionStarter ();
	st.setStep (step);
	DEStandTable ex = new DEStandTable (st) {
		public void setConfigProperties () {
			// Choose the properties to be enabled, see setConfigProperties () below
			String[] props = {"stand_N", "stand_G", "stand_V", "stand_Ho", "thi_N", "thi_G", "thi_V", "pro_Vecl", "pro_V", "pro_G"};
			for (String p : props) {
				addBooleanProperty (p, true);
	ex.getSettings ().perHa = true;
	// Run the dataExtractor
	ex.doExtraction ();
	return DRTables.createPrintableTable (ex);
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