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12ème Journée Capsis - 22 juin 2010 à Montpellier

F. de Coligny - 23.6.2010

Participants (25)

Marianne Alleaume-Benharira (INRA URFM), Annabelle Amm (INRA URFM), Daniel Auclair (INRA AMAP), Philippe Balandier (Cemagref), Sébastien Cavaignac (FCBA Station Sud Ouest), Francois de Coligny (INRA AMAP), Guillaume Cornu (Cirad DFN), Benoit Courbaud (Cemagref), Véronique Cucchi, Christine Deleuze (ONF), Jean-Francois Dhôte (ONF), Nicolas Donès (INRA Piaf), Philippe Dreyfus (INRA URFM), Samuel Dufour (INRA AMAP), Céline Emberger (INRA URFM), Mathieu Fortin (INRA Lerfob), Noémie Gaudio (Cemagref), François Guiton (INRA URFM), Gilles Le Moguedec (INRA LASB), Patrice Loisel (INRA), Frédéric Mothe (INRA Lerfob), Marie-Ange Ngo Bieng (Cirad), Thomas Perot (Cemagref), Francois Pimont (INRA URFM), Patrick Vallet (Cemagref Nogent).



M. Fortin showed that Capsis was widely used in Québec for model integration and diffusion. Four or five models (Présage, Samare, Artémis-2009, Succes, Natura…) have been already integrated by the team of the Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune du Québec.

C. Deleuze showed in her presentation what models the ONF used in the last 5 years to help establish their silvicultural guides. She is interested in a better way to organise the transfer of the models to the ONF, with a better finition, documentation, tools compatibility tuning and more models grouped in the releases. The possibility of creating a yearly release for the ONF was discussed.

The meeting was followed by a Capsis working session (june, 23rd). Some work was done on Samsara, Oakpine1, the Capsis Optimisation libs and FireParadox.

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