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Compiling Capsis and Jeeb in Scite

You may need to launch several compilation scripts from Scite if you work on several project. Here is an option to compile differently.

  • Options > Open User Options file
  • Add and adapt these lines with your own paths to Capsis and Jeeb*=Capsis | compile
command.4.*=sh /home/coligny/java/capsis4/trunk/bin/ $(FileNameExt) 
command.shortcut.4.*=F6*=Capsis | ant clean compile
command.5.*=cd /home/coligny/java/capsis4/trunk/;sh ant clean compile
command.shortcut.5.*=Ctrl+F6*=Jeeb | ant compile
command.6.*=cd /home/coligny/java/jeeb/trunk/;sh ant compile
command.shortcut.6.*=F7*=Jeeb | ant clean compile
command.7.*=cd /home/coligny/java/jeeb/trunk/;sh ant clean compile

Hitting F6 will launch the '' script and F7 will launch 'sh ant compile' for jeeb.

Note: other options are possible, F6 may be replaced by Ctrl+K, etc. See the Scite online documentation for more oprions.

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