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How to add / remove lines in the interactive inspectors

The inspectors can be used to see the values of the properties of an object.

They show by default the public fields and the result of calling the public accessors (e.g. getSomething (), isSomethingElse ()).

They avoid calling methods building Dialog boxes (would open) and Capsis getEvolutionBase () / getInterventionBase () methods (may build big scenes, not needed for simpleinspection).

It is possible to restrict the list of fields / methods to be called by implementing jeeb.lib.util.inspector.InpectorList.

// An exemple of use of the InspectorList in Mountain: MountTree
public class MountTree extends SpatializedTree implements (...) 
		InspectorList {
    public Collection<String> getInspectorList () {
        return Arrays.asList("getId", "getAge", "getName", "getX", "getY", "getZ", "toString");

The result is below. You may notice that the toString () method was added in the methods list to be called.

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