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Who can join the Capsis project ?

The Capsis platform can host various types of forestry growth and yield / forest dynamics models. The core part of the platform is free to make it easy for partners to join Capsis.

Any interested scientist can contact the Capsis team to become a Capsis modeller in accordance with the Capsis charter. This implies that the scientist will be helped to become a beginner developer to be able to do the integration job of his forest growth/dynamics model by himself with simple tools, with support at the beginning and then when he needs help.

The Capsis developers are skilled in software development and not in modelling. The help will concern the integration of the forestry model within the Capsis software and not the forestry model development by itself.

Where do I start ?

First, you can discuss your project with us by mail to ensure the integration is possible and that it will be profitable for you. After that, if you decide to join Capsis, you have to accept the Capsis charter.

Then the usual way is to meet us in Montpellier for an initial training session, followed by a starting stage together to begin build your project within Capsis. This can take more or less 5 days for the whole, possibly in 2 separate sessions (e.g. 2 + 3 days). It can also possibly be 2 weeks in one single session if you come from abroad.

Another possibility is to contact us and do the job by yourself without meeting us, if you feel enough skilled in java programming to do it with only help by mail. This option is not very developed at present time (all scientist are not supposed to be skilled developers) but we would like to make it easier in the future (some scientist may feel at ease with developing). See how to add a new model in Capsis

Anyway, feel free to contact us for any question :-)

Where is the documentation ?

You will find many documentation on the Capsis web site, particularly on the Documentation page. We intend to switch completely to english as working language so the new docs are directly writen in english.

Documentation shortcuts :

  • The “Capsis4 reference documentation” (v1.2, August 2019) : pdf
  • A general purpose presentation about Capsis : .pdf
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