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How can I get Capsis ?

There are several ways to get Capsis :

  • Only the core of Capsis is free software, the forest growth models inside belong to their authors (only few of them are free, see below).
  • To have a preview of the Capsis organisation and the roles of the participants, you should first have a look at the charter page (rules for everybody in Capsis):
  • If you are a forestry modeller and you established a forest growth and yield or dynamics model, and if your request is to integrate this growth model into the Capsis platform in Java language to get a running simulator, you may become a co called 'Capsis modeller' (see the charter roles section, this implies training courses and co-development sessions), see the following page:
  • If you are rather interested in using a given model that is already in Capsis, you would be redirected to the 'Capsis modeller' who already integrated his own model in the platform, he can be found on the Capsis web site, on the page referencing all the projects, he knows a procedure to build an installer with Capsis core + his model (without the models of the other partners) and can distribute it to anyone (e.g. you):
  • If you just want to have a look and see how Capsis works, you may download the Capsis demonstration release on the web site, Download page. This version contains few free distributable models, listed on the page, if so, once installed, please see the Capsis Help menu and the tutorial pages:

After reading this, in case you need more information or details, or if you want to discuss your project with us, please see the contact page.

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