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Graphs (under progress)

This documentation about the graphs refactoring is under progress (fc-7.11.2016)

See the more up to date How to add a graph easily documentation.

Graph here means enxtension of type DataExtractor, extracting data series to build diagrams. These data series are rendered in swapable DataRenderer (e.g. curves / histograms / scatterplots / tables…).

Main graph types

The main package for generic capsis graphs (i.e. compatible with at least two growth models) is capsis.extension.dataextractor.

Superclass Example class Comment
PaleoDataExtractor, DFCurves DETimeG Legacy framework, some other graphs then extend DETimeG (e.g. DETimeSecBrDg)
AbstractDataExtractor, DFListOfXYSeries DETimeSDI2 Rely on capsis.extension.dataextractor.XYSeries, with a main method:
List<XYSeries> getListOfXYSeries()
DETimeY DETimeShannonG Very short, with a simple method:
Number getValue(GModel m, GScene stand, int date)
DETimeYs ?
DETimeYsTrees ?
DEMultiTimeX DETimeVolumeByEndUseProducts … find a simpler example class…
MuTimeGraph ?
Mu2TimeGraph ?
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