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A CSV Viewer to browse files within Capsis like in Excel


Open a chart in the CsvTableViewer

Select a simulation step and open a Capsis chart (capsis data extractor, i.e. curves / histograms / tables opened from the lateral bar).

Right-click on the chart and choose 'Open in a floating table'. The chart data appear in a CsvTableViewer. This table will not be synchronized with other steps if you change your selection in the project manager.

This is a way to keep data in a table for a while.

During export

When exporting data from a step in the simulation with a right click on a step > Export, you may choose a file format and a file. When you validate, the file is created.

These export files often contain columns separated by a tab, a comma or another character.

It is possible to watch the file in the CSV File Viewer newly integrated in Capsis.

  • During the export, you just have to select the matching option.

  • Then while you choose the separator, you may check the result in the preview

  • Finally the file is opened in the CSV File Viewer

To view whatever files

Open the CSV File Viewer from the main menu: Tools > CSV File Viewer

  • Use the browse button to choose the file to be opened

  • Select the correct separator while checking in the preview

  • The file is opened in the CSV File Viewer

It is possible to use copy / paste from this table to another editor application.

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