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The Capsis trouble forum

In case of problem, the members of the Capsis project ('modellers' according to the Charter) may find a solution or ask for help on the Capsis trouble forum.

How to write on the forum ?

The forum is on the Capsis forge (Redmine), you must 'Sign in' with your Capsis login (same than SVN) to be able to write in the Forum.
  • If you don't remember your password, click 'Sign in', then 'Lost password'
  • If you forgot your username, please ask a Capsis developer

The forum url:

After login, the forum looks like this:

How to navigate and write in the forum:

  • click 'New message' to add a message
  • browse messages and optionally 'Reply' to them
  • click 'Watch' to be told if someone writes an answer: you will receive a mail notification

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