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Diagrams and Viewers

This section aims at helping the users to open and configure the various viewers and diagrams avaialable in Capsis.


Graphs are available in the lateral selector once a project created / opened

Open a graph on a given step

Select the step in the project manager, then double click on the graph name in the graph list

Move the graph on another step

Double-click on another step, all graphs synchronized on the first will be moved to show the data coming from the new step. (Note, it may be needed to rearm the original step by recliking on it first)

Add another step in the graph

Select another step in the project manager, then right click on the graph and choose 'Add <name of the step>' (alternative way : Ctrl+click on the graph)

Configure a graph

Right click on the graph > Configure

Add individuals in a graph with the individual configuration

Right click on the graph > Configure > Individual > Concerned idividuals > Choose > Individual Selection > Add a group of individuals > Choose a group to select its members (you may check the selected individuals before validating)
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